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Problems at Work?

high heelsSometimes situations arise in our working lives which can make us consider what our legal rights are.  These are very stressful times, and employment law is complicated and changes frequently. Employers have procedures to follow, and time limits for making a complaint to the Employment Tribunal can be very short. As such, it is important to ensure that you get expert advice as soon as possible.

Gordon Dean Solicitors LLP is one of the few firms in Norfolk who specialize in advising employees. As such, we are uniquely equipped to advise you about your employment situation.

We offer a free initial 30-minute consultation. We will listen to you and explain in plain English how the law applies to you.

How we can help

If you are suffering a problem at work, telephone us to discuss your situation. You can arrange a free initial meeting. It is helpful to have some information ready to tell us, such as:

  • How long you have worked for your Employer
  • Your yearly earnings
  • What has happened so far in your current situation
  • What documents and paperwork you have (including your employment contract)

Once we have all of the information we can advise you about your situation and the options available to you.

It may be possible to deal with your employer directly now and negotiate a settlement. Or, you may have to begin employment tribunal proceedings. If this is the case, we can advise you about the best way to fund this. For further details, please see our Funding page.

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Types of Employment problems we can help with

Our employment team can advise you on all aspects of employment law, including:

  • Bringing Employment Tribunal Claims

    We can help you to complete all of the forms required to bring an Employment Tribunal Claim. We can also guide you through all of the steps in the tribunal process. Claims often settle before reaching a hearing, but if they do not then we can represent you at your hearing.

  • Company grievance and disciplinary procedures

    If you are using your employer’s procedures to complain about a problem at work or if you are facing disciplinary action we can advise you on how to approach this.

  • Unfair Dismissal

    If you have been dismissed from your employment unfairly, we can advise you about whether or not you have a valid claim. You can only usually claim unfair dismissal if you have been employed for two years or more. These include Trade union membership or duties, Whistleblowing, Health and Safety Issues, Exercising a Legal Right (for example, to a minimum wage, paid holiday, pregnancy or maternity leave, itemized pay statement or a written statement of your terms and conditions of employment).

  • Harassment and Bullying

    If your employer or fellow employees are harassing or bullying you, then we can advise you whether or not you have a valid Employment Tribunal Claim. It is also possible that you may be able to make a claim in the Civil Courts for harassment, which again is something we can advise you on.

  • Discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, disability, beliefs sexual orientation or age

    If you have been treated less favorably than other employees for any of the above reasons, then you may have grounds to make a discrimination claim to the Employment Tribunal. It is important to remember that the less favorable treatment can occur at any stage of your employment, including the job application and interview as well as during your employment and even after it has ended.

  • Settlement Agreements

    Whenever you and your employer can reach an arrangement to bring your work to an end, this agreement is called a settlement agreement. A settlement agreement will set out the terms on which you agree to end your employment in return for which you agree to give up some or all of your legal rights against your employer. We will help you negotiate terms with your employer and advise you whether the agreement you have reached is fair. Your employers will usually pay your legal costs for seeking advice.

  • Employment Contracts

    We can advise you about your rights and responsibilities under your employment contract, whether you are about to start work, negotiating a change to your contract or are having problems at work and want to know what your rights are under your contract.



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