Instructing a solicitor can be expensive and confusing, but it need not be.

Gordon Dean Solicitors will advise you on the different funding arrangements available to you. Before working on your case, we will set out an estimate of your likely legal costs. We can advise you on the best funding option. While continuing to keep you updated on your fees and if the costs of your case are likely to change.

Funding: Paying Privately and ‘No-Win-No-Fee.’

These are two of the most common ways of funding legal fees.

Paying Privately


Paying privately is a funding option for all legal work carried out by the firm. If you choose this way of funding, we will charge by the amount of time spent on your case. Our hourly rates range from £120 plus VAT to £250 plus VAT. Depending upon the level of experience of the person working for you.
Sometimes we can limit the amount that you will pay by charging a fixed fee for the work carried out. This is fixed regardless of the amount of time spent. Fixed fees are used as funding for:-

  • Debt collection matters,
  • Settlement Agreements (in which case the employer will usually pay the fees),
  • Wills.

‘No-Win-No-Fee’ Agreements


If you have good prospects of winning your case, we may fund it using a no-win-no-fee agreement. A no-win-no-fee agreement is an agreement where we will not get paid if we are unsuccessful. No-win-no-fee agreements differ slightly depending upon whether your case involves employment law or personal injury. We may offer to fund via a no-win-no-fee agreement in clinical negligence cases, personal injury cases, employment cases and commercial and IT litigation.

‘No-Win-No-Fee’ Agreements for Personal Injury Cases


We realize that funding is an important concern for you. That you will be that you do not want to be out of pocket if your case is unsuccessful. We guarantee that if your case is not successful, then you will not pay anything.

If you win your case most of your legal fees and disbursements will be recoverable from your opponent. You may have to pay a contribution towards some of the legal fees and expenses that have been incurred to pursue your case. We will be able to clearly explain to you the extent of the fees and expenses that we may have to charge to you once you contact our office.

If we have to make a charge to you, then it will not be payable at the start or during the case (unless you transfer the case to other solicitors). The cost will be calculated and only charged to you at the successful conclusion of the case when it will come out of your compensation. If we do have to charge you, then the current rules state that a claimant’s solicitor cannot charge more than a maximum of 25% of the claimant’s compensation.

Based on your type of case and relevant factors, it may be necessary to obtain what is known as After The Event Legal Expenses Insurance. Insurance will protect you against any possible risk of having to pay disbursements which are unavoidable in every personal injury or clinical negligence case. We will discuss these matters thoroughly with you and advise you appropriately.

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