Repetitive Strain Injury

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If you have suffered a repetitive strain injury and are thinking about making a claim then consider Gordon Dean Solicitors?

About Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

A repetitive strain injury (RSI) is an injury that is caused by repeated movement. Commonly such an injury in the back, arms, wrists, and neck. It is often found in people who work in an office environment where their desk has not been set up suitably for them. This type of injury can be very stressful for sufferers and can result in a great deal of ongoing treatment.


Do I Have a Claim?

You may be able to make a compensation claim if you have suffered a repetitive strain injury as a direct cause of your employment. This could be if you had noticed pain early on and raised the issue with your employer, but nothing was done or maybe you had been asked to work in conditions that were not appropriate.

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Gordon Dean Solicitors specialise in employment law and personal injury claims. This means that we are ideally placed to run your repetitive Strain Injury Claim. For a free consultation/assessment and to see if you could have a case for compensation call one of our team on 01603 767671 for our Norwich Office or 01493 856997 for Great Yarmouth.

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We can offer no win no fee arrangements with our clients. To find out more, call our Norwich office on 01603 767671 or email us at


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