Can You Claim For The Cost of Future Treatment

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If you have suffered negligence that has required you have treatment, that you would not have needed otherwise you may be able to recover the cost of this from the Defendant.

If you have been injured either through clinical negligence, such as a broken limb not being treated properly or through an accident, such as a car crash, and you need further treatment, you can claim for the cost of this treatment if this treatment is carried out privately. Further treatment can include surgery, physiotherapy, counselling, etc.

How Do You Know If You Need Further Treatment

Usually, you will find out from the independent medical expert assisting with your claim whether or not they feel any further treatment would be beneficial to you. Your medical expert should also be able to give an estimation of the cost of such treatment on the private market. If not you can make enquiries yourself and get quotes from local services.

Once you have the quotes, you can then approach the Defendants and see if they will fund this for you. You will also find out if they will pay up front or if they require the service/treatment provider to invoice them.

What if You Have Already Had All Your Treatment?

In the alternative, if you have already pursued and paid for the private treatment you can claim back the cost of this from the Defendants as a special damage (money you have spent/lost because of your injury e.g.: wages, treatment costs, medicine costs, etc.)

However, if any of your treatment has been provided by the NHS, then you cannot claim the cost of this back.
In conclusion, it is entirely reasonable to claim the costs of private treatment back if it is necessary and/or recommended by your independent medical expert.